What people want to know about COVID-19: Top Searches

21.04.2023 Материалы

The coronavirus pandemic has changed the lives of people around the world, no one doubts or argues about this today.

People were locked in their homes and needed to keep themselves and their families healthy and safe while still being able to work and study remotely. Thus, people had to cope with the ensuing chaos and find ways to do it. New life circumstances could not but determine the use of the Internet, Google search and digital technologies in general.

Naturally, this also affected Google Trends, and the analysis of search trends by country and in the world can tell a lot of interesting things.

Parsing Google Trends, covid 19 google trends allows you to learn more about people, their needs and interests during the COVID-19 outbreak.

Searching for information online using Google Trends data in times of COVID-19

Public data from Google searches is useful for a general understanding of the spread of the coronavirus disease and monitoring it in about 200 countries around the world in real time. Notably, by tracking symptom search trends across countries, a high correlation can be seen with the number of administrative cases of coronavirus and deaths reported by the WHO (World Health Organization). When people get sick these days, it’s quite common for them to turn to Google to check for symptoms and find out treatment options. Searches for medical information have increased worldwide to 59%. What’s more, search interest is more than a week ahead of official reports and can be used to predict outbreak peaks.

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