What are the advantages of Bohemian glass and on what criteria should its choice be based?

There are now a significant number of materials and their varieties, thanks to the ability to combine different types of raw materials and ingredients together to obtain a variety of characteristics.

Therefore, buyers can look at a wide range of offers to find the right options. Some types of materials are made only in one city or province, since the formula and technologies have been developed for a long time, often they are traditional.

Among these materials is Bohemian glass. It stands out for its many characteristics that are not found in traditional glass. Therefore, the bohemian glass in aleks-crystal.com are in high demand among true connoisseurs of beauty.


Bohemian glass is appreciated all over the world. Thanks to a carefully developed formula, the experience of specialists, many experts highlight its advantages:

  1. High degree of transparency that lasts for a long time. This is an amazing property of this glass that distinguishes it from traditional types. This characteristic is achieved by adding a significant amount of pyrolusite to the composition.
  2. Unique sound. At any contact with Bohemian glass products, it is possible to note a sonorous and melodic sound that tends to gradually fade away.
  3. No air bubbles in finished products. Due to the absence of additional and foreign impurities, air does not get inside the structure.
  4. A wide range of selection of products from it. Nowadays, various types of tableware are made from Bohemian glass.
  5. Attractive appearance. Craftsmen often make decorative painting of a set of dishes by hand. Additionally, jewelry made of precious metals can be used.


Since Bohemian glass is prized all over the world, there are many fakes of this product. In order not to be mistaken with the choice, it is important to check:

  1. The degree of transparency. Can be further compared with other glass products.
  2. The presence of a ringing sound at any contact.
  3. The manufacturing company is located in the Czech Republic, where the birthplace of Bohemian glass is located.
  4. Absence of various inclusions inside the structure, including small foreign particles and air bubbles.
  5. No roughness or chips, rough edges.
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