What is VR video shooting: its features

Today, shooting and VR-video focused on 360 degrees have become especially relevant. Such images allow the viewer to see an angle of a certain object or view from any side, to feel like a participant in what is happening.

The video 360 format is used when there is a need to display a detailed interior, to convey the situation of a certain process, or to show the desired product.

The most effective for such filming should be considered the company «VR-video and 360-degree panoramic shooting», which provides clients with the opportunity to get a unique filming for the implementation and further development of their own project. Employees of the company use innovative technical devices that allow you to get high quality footage. In addition, specialists can develop videos with virtual reality, which involves organizing a certain concept, developing the desired scenario and filming, adhering to the established provisions.


The company provides the following list of services:

  1. VR video shooting — professional filming that is performed adhering to the VR format. Such videos have augmented reality and perfectly correspond to the development of their own project, its promotion. This trend provides the attention of potential consumers of the brand.
  2. Panoramic photo — shooting that has maximum shot accuracy, adhering to the possibility of a 360-degree view. Such frames allow you to visualize the perception of the illustration in the most complete way. As a rule, panoramic photography is used to create subject or interior photography, for leisure activities, or for an urban event.
  3. Virtual tour — performing spherical and cylindrical shooting, which allows you to unfold photos and videos, regardless of their direction, allowing you to make the view more holistic and more attractive. This tour is especially relevant for restaurants, hotels and other places that need an effect of presence.

The company’s specialists have more than 5 years of experience in this field and are engaged in photography of interiors and room designs, various events, real estate, food, travel, as well as filming of construction processes. Such shooting allows clients to plunge into the world of the process, to get the effect of presence.

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